Tips On How To Make Your Candles Last Longer

Tips On How To Make Your Candles Last Longer

Candles are a great accent piece to any home or environment to create a certain mood or ambiance. But if we light these candles everyday, this can also means that we are spending a lot of money on candles.  What should we do to have these candles last longer?

Here, at Candlelix, when we designed our candles, we put your experience first and at the same time, we want to help your candles last as long as possible. Below is our tips on how to make your candles last longer. 

  1. Trim the Wick

When the flame is consuming more wax than it can burn, carbon excess builds up, creating a little black mushroom shape at the end of the wick. To prevent this, snip your wick to about a quarter of an inch after every burn.

  1. First-Time Burners

Tunneling is a phenomenon that occurs when candles aren’t burned properly; instead of melting evenly, only the inner layer of wax melts, leaving a ring of wax on the edge of the container, untouched. To prevent tunneling, make sure your first burn reaches all the way to the diameter of your candle jar. If you blow it too soon then there’s a risk of tunneling. So, let the entire top layer of wax melt before blowing out the flame the first time you light a brand new candle.

  1. Know When to Blow It Out

A general rule of thumb for burning candles is to avoid burning the candle for too long at a time.  We recommend no more than 2-3 hours at a time depending on the candle itself. Or as a general rule of thumb, the flame should not flicker too much. If it does, this means that the wick will burn the wax too quickly than it should.

  1. Setting is Key

The ideal setting for burning a candle is somewhere that isn’t drafty. If you burn your candles in a room exposed to a breeze, it can cause your wick to tilt to the side, smoking and burning erratically. Stay away from poorly insulated windows!

  1. Storage Tips

After you extinguish the flame, make sure to let your candle cool off and then put the lid back on!  A lid will also keep dust from settling on the candle wax. If dust does settle, use a cotton pad to gently wipe it off. Store your candles away from direct sunlight.

There are other tips that we have heard but have not tested them yet.  Some people said that by sprinkling salt into the liquid wax, it slows down the burning process.  You can give it a try and let us know if that works for you.